Charm Your Audience with Video Animation Services

Watching videos has become part of our daily lives. The average daily consumption of videos is about
84–100 minutes per day. More so, some research shows that the average weekly consumption of video
is around 17 hours. Why are we hooked on the videos? Because they are interesting and engaging. As
the videos are habitual in nature, they are an essential component that can be used for marketing,
informing, and branding purposes.
The usage of videos as a medium for conveying information and for advertising has drastically increased.
Custom video animation Services, 3D and 2D videos, and explainers are now key components for
reaching out to your audience.
Should you gain in-depth knowledge of animated videos? Yes. Should you invest in animated videos to
achieve different objectives? Definitely yes. You don’t have to go elsewhere for information collection
and to see what the benefits of animated videos are, as we present them here, so lets delve into them.

Table of Contents

What is video animation?

Videos that have a different type of artistic illustration, such as drawings or designs, and are generated
with the use of computers are called animations. Video animations are compelling. As these videos have
artistic input, this makes them creatively standout and attractive. Hence, gauging the interest of viewers
becomes easy.
Firstly, we are talking about the most basic type, which is 2D animation. Two-dimensional animations
have basic graphics, are cost-effective, and are easy to create.
3D video animations have a much more interactive outlook. 3D videos are great at creating a real-life
feel. Hence, 3D videos are visual and graphic imitations of reality.
Lastly, we have motion graphics. These are the video animations created with graphics and design that
are non-stationary. Motion graphics are created with the use of computer software, and designing them
requires specialized skills.

Advantages of Video Animation


What are the benefits of using video animation? You might have thought about it. Well, there are many.
First, explaining complex information through text can be difficult for the audience to comprehend.
Information, no matter how daunting, can be turned into a video, especially whiteboard animated
videos, which become easy to understand. Secondly, animated videos reap great benefits, such as
driving audience engagements and, hence, boosting revenues.
Video animation is an effective tool to evoke emotions through interesting storytelling. This ensures that
your audience lasts through the video's end. The message cuts across, which assists you in building
connections with the viewers.
Also, there is a lot of versatility offered by video animation. These animations can be used for different
purposes. More so, the use of videos has become the norm in every industry, whether it be healthcare,
real estate, or finance. To better understand the versatility factor of videos, we have to look through
different types of videos and determine for what purposes they are used. So let’s have a look at it.

Types of Video Animations and Their Purpose


We have listed for you different types of video animation. These are as follows:

1. Explainer Videos

These are the videos that contain content that focuses on explaining a process, product, or service.
Perfect for “How to,DIY,Problem-Solution, and “Identify-Benefits” topics. The use of these types of
videos is polarized in the education, finance, healthcare, real estate, and blockchain industries.

There are also different types of explainer videos. These include whiteboard videos and mostly 2D and
3D animation.

2. Brand Storytelling Videos

Videos that are brand- and audience-centric and reflect the values, vision, and mission of a business are
brand storytelling videos. These videos include content that presents a business as a solution to
audience pain points. These present the message of an organization in a subtle and engaging way. The
use of these videos is primarily in different business industries.

Brand films and animated branding advertisements are some of the most common examples of brand
storytelling videos.

3. Infographics and Data Visualization

Information-centric videos that present data graphically or visually with the addition of text are
infographic and data visualization videos. Number-savvy information can be hard to understand and
even more challenging to remember. That is why infographics and data visualization are used. These

videos present the hard-to-understand numbers in an interesting way, so the users get a full idea of the
relevant topic. Infographics and data visualization mainly focus on topics like ‘Weather Trends”,
“Population Pyramids”, “World Map”, and “Stock Market”.

Businesses belonging to the finance, weather reporting and forecast, and government sectors often
make use of infographics and data visualization.

4. Social Media Animations

Concise and appealing animated videos that are created to gauge the viewers attention instantly and
are posted on social media forums are social media animations. These videos specifically cover topics
such as product or service benefits and promoting a new product launch. Social media animation is
mainly used in industries that have a considerable audience and customer base on social media
platforms. The fashion, tech, fast-food, and music industries most frequently use social media

Promos and deals and feature/product videos are some of the best examples of social media

5. Motion Graphics and Kinetic Typography

Video animation that includes illustration and typography in motion to entertain and amaze the viewers
includes motion graphics and kinetic typography. The primary purpose of these videos is to amaze and
entertain the viewers. The entertainment, gaming, web design, and advertising industries are avid users
of motion graphics and kinetic typography.


Video animation is awesome, whether it be for promotions, entertainment, or informational purposes.
As mentioned earlier, the usage of custom video animations has been hyped up in every industry. More
so, it has become a trend that is never going to end. To get ahead, you should also make use of video
animations. While you can create video animation with the assistance of software and relevant tech
tools, to guarantee pixel-perfect animation, trusting specialized agencies is the best option.

Video animation agencies have expert and artistic designers and animators that craft animation that is
captivating. One such agency is Design Mania, which houses an excellent talent pool that guarantees
flawless video animations for their clients.

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